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IT solutions How to unprotect/unlock Microsoft Word documents

How to unprotect/unlock Microsoft Word documents

1) With the document open press Alt+Shift+F11. This should launch the VB script editor in Word; 2) Press Ctrl+f, and run a find for the word “password”. This should highlight something like this “<UnprotectPassword>32943208</w:UnprotectPassword>”; 3) Delete the letters and numbers between the tags (in the above example this would be the 32943208); 4) Save the …

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Articles Veeam Backup and Replication

Veeam Backup and Replication

I like virtualization a lot. I have tried various diferent solutions. And for server enviroments I think Vmware is far ahead from the rest! Still when it comes to virtualization default definitions and practises changes a lot. One of them is backup. When it comes to backing up my Virtual Machines I use Veeam Backup …

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