News Jailbreak for iOS 6.1

Jailbreak for iOS 6.1

Yes it is true! Jailbreak for iOS 6.1 is here! Visit to download.

News My dream business laptop

My dream business laptop

I am looking to buy a decent laptop for the everyday needs. Browsing, email, ssh with putty, virtualbox and some word processing and spreadsheets. Nothing too fancy. Also it has to be really portable. Not a 17 inch laptop/desktop replacement. In bullets this is what a laptop should have 13-14 inch =<1.5kg =>6GB RAM >=128GB …

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Articles HP ProLiant MicroServer N40L + OpenMediaVault

HP ProLiant MicroServer N40L + OpenMediaVault

Αγορασα χθες το HP ProLiant N40L MicroServer . Ειναι ενα καταπληκτικο και αθορυβο μηχανακι. Απο οτι καταλαβα ειναι πολυ διαδεδομενο εδω στο UK.  Ηθελα ενα μικρο NAS μετα το τελευταιο ατυχημα με τους δισκους κυριως για τις photo της οικογενιας που πλεον εχουν φτασει τα 48GB. Κατεληξα σε αυτο οταν το ειδα στο Το κοστος …

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IT solutions Format… and now what?

Format… and now what?

I admit it. I am not a fan of format. I like my system as it is. After almost 4 years I had to format my workstation. Since I had to do it I installed a Crucial m4 SSD which was sitting on my desk for some time. Windows 7 Ultimate installed in no time …

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iPhone Jailbreak for 4.0.1

Jailbreak for 4.0.1

Update your iphone to 4.0.1 and then visit from your iPhone! Nice one..

iPhone Post from iPhone

Post from iPhone

I told you I got an iPhone. So here is a post from it thanks to wordpress app

iPhone I got an iPhone…and I jailbroke it!

I got an iPhone…and I jailbroke it!

Well finally I surrender to the dark side…I got myself an iPhone 3GS. I did not upgrade to IOS 4 and I suggest the same for you. I jailbrake it with Spirit. Very nice tool! And after that the light…Cydia… Well done Apple. After all iPhone runs xBSD on it 🙂