Month: June 2008

OldCutenews New design

New design

A new design. Cmsimple just got too complicated with the license scheme. Pure html for now with Cutenews. Maybe I will use Wordpess in the near future…{nl}{nl}

OldCutenews Artemis is down…

Artemis is down…

artemis:/etc# shutdown -h nowThe system is going down for system halt NOW!(pts/0) (Fri Jun  6 13:08:44 2008)For more than 6 years artemis served us well…{nl}{nl}

OldCutenews We are still Here..

We are still Here..

Yeap …still here… well not there but here..  The old artemis server have fullfilled her destiny. Still working but the almighty zeus took over. He resides somewhere in Netherlands… I reside in UK since April 2008. Too busy here. New enviroment, new life.. Oh well. The two active projects I am involved is and …

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